Friday, May 15, 2009

अंकल अल Sixteen

Uncle Al Sixteen: Wisdom I found in Uncle Al

Spiderwebs within out minds
Collect loose thoughts
Gathered during our days
As the clock thrusts forward marching
Winds of mortal change
Tear them down without mercy
But the spider spins another web
Memories snagged, caught in sticky persistence
Held within the many rooms
Where our life is kept
In battered trunks
In faded bags from another time
The web of silk holds jagged thorns
Upon which memory bleeds
It's drops plant seeds
Of promise and pain
Of joy and rebirth
The web catches all that is
Or ever was
Within the life we hold so close

The web hold fast a passing thought
Of simple and complex
It sways gently within the breeze of chance
It rocks violently within the storms of chance
Like a rock, our foundation hlods
It's silk connects the twilight word
The thread that binds tradition
Holds dreams in place forever and a day
The hours grow long but the web holds tight
Our ancestors captured like a photograph
Faded and old but color still there

Emotions hangs, like glistening threads in the morning light
Wet with the dew of passion
A thousand thoughts held by delicate thread
Silk of memory, strands of time
The spider holds our place in fate
Its web spun from a lifetime of travel
We hold unto it
The fruit from which is born
All that we are
All that we will ever be
This is the wisdom I found in Uncle Al

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