Sunday, May 10, 2009

अंकल अल Eight

Accidental delicacy
Mush of the Gods
Family in a bowl
Taste of summer on a winter day
Backwards dish in full forward world
Love in a pot
Pot full of tradition
An open fire on a winter's night
Opiate of the rice set
Mysterious ways at the end of a fork
Lugao spells love
Memories of family
All in a single room
Nonsense and magic in a grain rice
No suffering of the soul
No technology
Everything but the kitchen sink
Melts in your mouth
Melts away the pain
Ancestors Smile
As do the Gods
Each taste a thousand flavors
Evoke the presence of family gone
Evoke the future of family to come
Lucky golden cat smiles with good fortune
To those who eat
Of the magic Lugao
Dances on the tongue
Every grain of rice
A puzzle piece of flavor
Every bite of chicken
A poem to the dead
No technology here
Just simpler times
When families huddled around old kitchens
Telling traveler's tales
Of ancient lands
Customs now antiques
Existence in a bowl
Smile when you taste it's fire
Frown when your taste it's ice
Passion on a fork
Passion on a spoon
It reminds me of Russel and Uncle Al
Of Christmas and Birthdays
It reminds me of why I live
Why I love
The persistence of memories
All within a bowl
Magic mush made with love
No four star delicacy
Just a simple farmer's meal
Priceless in effect
A pot full of rice
And anything else
A family together

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