Wednesday, May 6, 2009

अंकल अल Four

The Last Caribou Uncle Al Four May 6 2009

Last of His breed, gazing on all thoughts
Wrap your mind around it
Wrap your pen around words
Grazing in an unseen dimension
Old Manong poet friend
Your words flow like blood
Flowing, pushing, pumping out life
Life inject into a lifeless world
By your hand the crimsom flows

Uncle Al
Last of the Caribou
Grazing on disgarded images
Images the color dull sepia tones
Wrap your colors around the gray
Gray of stone melting through the final snows
Upon the mountains you sit so wise
Wrap your passion around an endless train
Train of thought from stations long gone

Walking the beach before the dawn arrives
In a bowl of noodles at Wong's
Noodle palaces built from your words
Strung together like endless cracks
Cracks in the Chinatown sidewalks
Uncle Al
You stand upon the mountain
The mountain that hides the colors
Colors that feed the thoughts
Thoughts of you
My poet warrior
My guide through the darkness
Your piano plays forever
Within my heart
Only for my ears to taste

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